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Nurtured in the warm rays of Northern California, Miles got hooked on rolling early in life. He quickly excelled and at 14, Karl Watson spotted him at a contest and took him under his wing. Since then, he’s continued to prove himself through his talents, skate-rat attitude and maturity, earning him the respect of his sponsors and placing him high in the ranks of up-and-coming AM’s. Although by today’s Internet standards we haven’t seen a lot of him, the stuff he has put out oozes goodness—perhaps a nod to the ‘quality over quantity’ school of thought. He has a style beyond his years, power and a variety of tricks that make him an odds-on favorite in any game of S.K.A.T.E. And that’s without using his deep bag of no-comply tricks. As his skating progresses though travel, life experiences and being able to draw influence from the amazing skaters on the companies he rides for, his future will only continue to brighten.



Linger at a spot all day or keep it moving?

If it’s a fun spot everyone can skate and mess around at, linger all day.


As one of the younger kids in the van, have you been subject to any hazing?

I usually have Nak rolling with me when I’m in the van and were pretty close in age so not really too much yet.


Keeping connected with your family is important to you, were they supportive of your decision to do independent studies so you could skate more?

At first my mom wasn’t too down for it, but once I started missing a bunch of school for trips it was too hard to keep up with all the work and then we made the switch. It works out a lot better now. I only go to school once a week so the rest of the time I can just skate.


A few of years ago Karl Watson saw you skating and started hooking you up. How much has he and your older friends influenced your skating?

They’ve influenced me a lot. Karl and Walker at first because they were the first pros I would kick it and skate with so I looked up to them a bunch. And back in Sac all my homies are older than me, like 22-23 and I’ve been skating with them for the last three years since I was 14. They first took me street skating and seeing how good they were, I would just try to follow and do what they were doing.


Is there anything bad about getting new shoes all the time?

Haha, I can’t think of a bad thing about it. I’m always psyched to get some new kicks. Lakai’s are the best!


 Longest road trip and where did it take you?

Longest road trip would probably be LA from Sacramento and then to Arizona. I haven’t really gone too far driving.


If you could have any non-skate sponsor, what would it be?

Probably an ice cream company or an airline service. That’d be tight.


Most of the footage we’ve seen is from on the road and around your hometown of Sacramento. Have you traveled and skated around the rest of California?

I’ve gone down to LA and around Southern California, but I mainly skate around home and in the Bay Area most of the time.


Is there any now defunct spot that you’d like to skate so much that you’d sack it first try to be able to go there?

Damn, I don’t know. If I could skate a perfect ledge spot with some wall rides and natural tranny and never get kicked out, I’d probably sack for that.


There are a lot of great shoes in the current line-up, what is your favorite?

The Griffin is probably the best shoe ever, that’s like the only shoe I skate. And then the Camby to chill in. Those are my two favorites for sure.


End a part with a banger or a dope line?

No lines or dope for me


Does the responsibility of sponsorship change the way you look at skating?

Not really, I mean I wanna be as productive as possible but it’s still skating. I try not to over think and just keep skating like I normally would.

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