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There is a big difference between natural and forced personality, but you can be sure that Biebel is 100% natural, with a swagger all his own. You can tell he's having fun and enjoying life every day when you see the "lifestyle" bits in his video parts, or in photos and footage on his website, Biebel's World. He came from the school of 'Get It Done' no matter what. Living on couches and selling decks to eat bad food at a young age, he's done what it takes to do what he loves to do: skate as much as he possibly can. Able to do some of the hardest flip-in flip-out many tricks, his balance is diverse enough to take him to rails and down gaps when he feels the need. The progression shown in each of his parts proves that he has an inner desire to excel at what he sets his mind to, and his early faith in himself has not been ill placed as his lifestyle and privately co-owned skate park can attest. Appreciation of what he's accomplished and where he's come from is evident in his self-mockery and lighthearted approach. Just don't bad mouth the Kings and you'll be OK! Always down for a session and a good laugh, he's the type of skater that inspires others and keeps things going even when the frustration sets in.



Lakers fan or Kings fan now that you live down south part time?
Always gonna be a Kings fan!

A lot of the footage we see from your skatepark is filmed with camera phones. Why no staff filmer at Biebel’s World?
I wish we had a filmer but we don’t. We have such a fun time every time we skate the park though, the vibes are awesome!

Kick back on the weekends or hit the streets?
Hit the streets then kick back.

Anger can get the best of us sometimes when we’re trying a trick over and over. How do you calm yourself down when things get heated?
I smoke weed.

Improvise a line at a spot or go there with a plan?
A lil’ bit of both.

Lots of people in your position might chill and let things fall in their lap. You seem to be out there skating all the time and still pushing yourself. Why not lay back and do the media bit only when needed?
I love skateboarding and skating with my friends, so I try an do that as much as possible.

If you could arm wrestle anyone, dead or alive, whom would you pick?
Haha. I’m pretty much down for anybody.

Manny Mania is something you enter consistently. Is that because you dig the format or because skating with all the guys they invite gets you hyped to show up? Something else?
Manny Mania is a fun contest. I wanna participate in all of ‘em, it’s a lot of fun.

Is the private park something you’ve always wanted to do or was that idea brought to you by one of your other partners?
It just happened, it really is a dream come true!

There is a new Biebel shoe in this collection. How does it differ from the previous shoes you’ve done?
My new shoe is fucking sick! I just got a sample, I’m hyped! Can’t wait to skate ‘em.

“Every day is a Saturday” is something you once said. Is that still true?
Every day is a Saturday when you live the skate life.

Despite your intimidating appearance, you seem to be a down to earth person that takes time to talk to kids and sign autographs. Do you see that as part of being a pro skater or something that comes natural for you?
It comes natural. I remember when I was young and how stoked I’d be to see people I liked, and if they were cool and had a good attitude they were way more awesome. So I treat people with respect, and I like socializing with the kids.

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