Daniel Espinoza

Daniel Espinoza


The sleepy town of Fontana California isn't know for much aside from being a place where they shot part of a movie, a famous gangster's destination for down time, and for birthing a motorcycle gang. In that sense, young Mr. Espinoza is a diamond in the rough. Able to skate ledges with a technical ability that surpasses his age; rails and gaps don't appear to be much of a problem either. Since being picked up by Lakai, the folks at Cliché added him to their select Am roster and he's been busy traveling ever since. Between traveling, he spent months looking over the shoulder of Art Director Andy Mueller and asking about skating for the Quiet Life. At the time, there was no team, and only after more prodding by Daniel was Mueller convinced that he should make it official and put him on, thus creating a one-man team. Others might have capitalized on the sudden rise in popularity and gone for a company with more to offer in tangible rewards, but this decision speaks volumes about his character- he'd rather choose something that appeals to his style over a more profitable venture. Over the years, we'll surely be seeing more from this skilled skater of substance.



Lice problem all taken care of?
Actually its been gone for a while now, but I have been having my sister or girlfriend go through it just to make sure.

Ams tend to get the brunt of torturous antics on the road. Have you gone through any of these traditional hazings?
Hmm.. yeah there’s been a few good ones. I would rather not talk about them.

Kinked rail or straight down?
Mellow kinks are fine, but I’d rather skate a straight rail.

As the first official rider for Quiet Life clothing, how did you get on the team? Is it true that you had to pester Mueller to put you on?
Me pester Andy? No not at all.. Well I don’t think so.. I want to say I was pretty chill about it and how I got on.. I can’t really remember though. I know my friend Anthony and Feds where talking to Mueller about it for a while and Andy didn’t know if he should do it or not. I didn’t have a clothing sponsor at the time, and I didn’t see myself riding for most clothing companies. I don’t know why but I really liked the clothes and the whole vibe Quiet Life has, so I just pretty much waited till Andy gave me the word that I could actually get on. And I would like to say I’ve been wearing QL stuff right side out ever since. lol.

If you had to skate one shoe for the rest of you life, what would it be?
Picos or Manchesters.

Last time you did something first try?
Everyday. I got ollies on LOCK!

In the past several months you’ve been getting a lot of coverage and stocking up on footage. Do you think filming and shooting photos for a project helps you progress? 
I would assume so. Skating and filming things gets you motivated to really try new things or think about tricks you would want to try but thought you could never actually do. So in a way I would say yes.

Multi-car missions or just go skate with a few friends?
More people More laughs More motivation More tricks.

In the parks or out on the streets?
Streets are where it’s at.

The best thing about having Beibel as a teammate?

Everything can’t always be about skateboarding? What else do you do to occupy your time?
Me and my friends just do a bunch of dumb shit only we think is funny.

Does skating for a European board company encourage you to learn French or any other language?
It almost does, but I’d like learn it first hand rather then by a book. That can only teach you so much. But I’ve been really wanting to learn Japanese and German. Don’t ask why.


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