Danny Brady

Danny Brady


Some are fast, some are smooth. Very few are both. Danny Brady in one of those few. Pushing with zest, his lengthy lines and ability to 180 out the hard way makes his parts different and appealing. Able to skate pretty much whatever he comes across and improvise on the spot makes his coverage look different from others, but also slightly more hairball and beautifully sketchy. With a precise control and smoothness that can only come from an English skater, his quiet demeanor is often the subject and maybe even provocation for assault by famed photographer Giovanni Reda. Whatever the reason, he says little but skates as much as he can no matter where he is. One minute he'll be in England, the next in LA or NYC, skating the local parks and streets with friends. Each of his parts shows the natural progression of someone who loves what he's doing and only has himself to "beat", if you will. Never traveling without his tea set, he has his rituals and keeps them, maybe as a semblance of normalcy to home during the long months he spends on the road.



Last Lakai shoe you wish hadn’t been discontinued?
The OG Staple with gum sole used to kill it.

After the session, what’s the usual modus operandi?
Get home and let the dog out before she tears the place up.

Knuckle pound or high five?
High 5 over the pound is called a cabbage in London.

A lot of your coverage is from trips and tours. Do you spend much time at home, or are you happy to keep on the move?
as I get older I seem to like staying at home a bit more, but after a month I get the urge to get on the road!

Is Yorkshire tea still in your travel bags for every trip?
Definitely, although I found Whole Foods have some good shit too.

Last time you skated Blackpool?
A couple months ago at the local park as the local spot I grew up skating just got demolished! RIP THE BANDSTAND.

Is the new Belmont XLK black as a tribute to Blackpool, or just a coincidence?
Belmont BLK haha……coincidence I think.

Mandatory must-haves on a trip when the instructions are to pack lightly?
Plenty of tea, laptop, socks and boxers and as little clothes as possible. I always end up wearing the same stuff all week anyways.

Isolated night sessions or out with the crew?
Out with the crew….. PWBC!

There has been a lot of documentation of Reda’s apparent affection for you. Is he like that with all the Brits or just you?
He definitely has a soft spot for us Brits. Me, Shier and Baines all get it the worst though. It’s just his way of showing affection. Scumbag!

Easy access to both the US and Europe has allowed you to get a variety of footage from LA to Greece. What place could you see yourself living and skating, provided there was a photographer/filmer to document things and keep your sponsors happy?
Probably New York. I’ve lived in London for about 7 years now and have become quite accustomed to big city living. It can be quite hard on the pocket but you can make it work. New York is the only place I’ve been that has a similar feeling to London while at the same time being a lot different.

Do videos ever do a skater justice or is seeing them skate in person the only way you ever really know?
Videos never do a skater full justice. It’s always better to see someone rip in person.


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