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Very few have made the same kind of impact on skating as Guy Mariano. He's influenced just about every street pro, from his peers to those who are just now coming up through the ranks. His parts have become benchmarks for some to follow and what others would aspire to. Documented from a young age, his life has always been in the media's eye in one form or another- from his first footage during the days of the Brigade of Bones that lead into a Blind Video Daze, to his epic footage in Mouse and return part in Fully Flared. And his candid honesty in the Epicly Later'd documentary about the hiatus between his two most recent parts has truly inspired others to make personal changes. For him, skating looks second nature, as effortless as a walk in comfortable shoes after a cup of coffee. When others would rest on their past accomplishments, he pushes himself to do tricks we've never seen or puts new twists on old ones. Rumors of a full part in the next Girl/Chocolate video are probably true, and no matter the length, it will be surely be another one to watch over and over again.



Least favorite thing about new shoes?
Breaking them in.

Are you heavily involved in the design aspect of your shoes? How much input do you typically give?
I like being involved in the design process and collaborating with the designers on new ideas, colors, and fit. We have a great design team that knows how to make the team’s ideas become a reality.

Keeping a generational mix on the Lakai roster seems to be important. Do you ever school the kids about your experiences in the industry?
Not really. The younger generation on the Lakai team seem to have their heads on straight.

As you’ve gotten older, has the quality of tricks taken precedent over the quantity you can do?
Sure. I’m old school. But I do enjoy working on new tricks, so I always feel like I’m learning something new.

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop; what do you do when you’re not skating to keep busy?
I try not to spend too much time off the board so when I’m not skating I’m usually doing things to take care of my body.

Low-key filming or out with a crew?
If I have something I want to do I’ll go low key. I also like going out with the crew because it’s motivating and inspiring.

Is imitation really the best form of flattery?

Music has always been an integral part of skating. What are you currently into?
We just got back from an Arizona trip and MJ put us onto some good songs. John Maus and FrYars. Dennis’ part in the Real video went well with Brian Eno.

Icons come and go in skating; who do you credit with making the biggest impact on yourself and skateboarding overall?
Lance Mountain. I grew up watching him skate and he’s someone I see now still out there doing it and getting a lot of respect.

Trends in shoe design notwithstanding, what do you prefer in a shoe if you don’t have to worry about whether or not it’s going to sell?
I still like a cup sole and I like a shoe with a lot of support. Shoes seem to be much more slim and thin these days. They hurt to skate in but they sell really well.

Energy and motivation can come from many things. What gets you psyched to skate day in and day out?
Being surrounded by a good group of friends, having good sponsors who support you, and most importantly I’m still having fun doing it.

Dream spots come and go. What now defunct spot do you miss the most?
I didn’t skate there much but Love Park is rad.

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