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If you take a look at Marc Johnson's past decade, you quickly see that he has taken nothing but short pauses from constantly filming and shooting interviews. In 2003 he and Ty Evans started on Fully Flared and he hasn't really stopped since, except for the occasional respite to read or let the wounds heal. While some have work ethics and a desire to do be the best they can, Mr. Johnson has a dependency on it. He can only give his best. It is not surprising that he won Thrasher's Skater of the Year award as his amazing abilities had long been documented, and he still doesn't show any signs of slowing down. Not unfamiliar with doing multiple tasks as a pro with a plethora of sponsors, his appetite for books on heady subjects is well known and his taste diverse. As one of the curious types, he looks to see what tricks could be done, then thinks past those to conquer ones previously believed impossible. Recently, he relocated out of the woods and set up house closer to filmers and his sponsors. We can only wait in anticipation for what he has in store for the upcoming Chocolate release.



Literature seems to be important to you. What benefits do you get from being an avid reader? Why not just watch something on the Internet instead?
Information can be extremely powerful and useful in this life. Many of us are given nothing of value by (however well-meaning) parents and teachers with which to navigate life, and we’re booted out into the world to deal with life; armed with nothing, not even an understanding of ourselves. Books can tip the scales back in our favor. Books simply offer information if you want it. And while I do watch some stuff on the Internet from time to time; interviews or videos along the same lines as what I read, I don’t want to live my life distracted from my life. Media, in its various forms, is simply there to distract you and condition you to think and react in a prescribed way. Think about this: if you see something enough or hear something enough, you begin to accept it as normal, and you’ll go right along with it, forgetting that at some point you would have rejected it. Weird, right? That’s an example of how media conditions you to feel and think. Media has robbed our generation of its attention span, which is bizarre to see in others if you’ve still got yours intact. It’s mostly selling us a false idea of reality, and once I realized that, I stopped participating. I want to think my own thoughts, not just blindly go along with Oprah’s opinion or what some dipshit news anchor is paid to tell you, or even another skateboarder’s opinion. Those things aren’t rooted in truth whatsoever. What’s accepted as normal and cool is always changing. Opinions and feelings change with the weather, but something true will always be true. But the bottom line is that information is neutral. What you do with it, its potential for service, gives it value and beauty.

Almost everything points to you having an incredible work ethic when it comes to filming. Where does that comes from, or has it always just been inherent?
I don’t know where it comes from, but it is inherent. We’re all here to do something. However, we’re not here to be slaves. Far from it. We’re here, in part, to express; to shine whatever kind of light we have within us. I like to work, because the kind of work I do is right for me, and I’m grateful to be able to do it when I can.

Kafka or Henry Miller?
Henry Miller.

Are you going to have another 3-song part in the upcoming Chocolate video?
Grumpy is trying.

If God exists, does he/she/it skate? If so, does it push mongo?
Yes. It’s glorious! Beautiful fake flips.

Letting go of a trick you can’t land seems to be hard for you to do at times. Does that persistence pay off more often than not?
I’ve fought a few in my time. Lost a few, towed a few to shore. Sometimes it feels like you put the hooks into a thing, and other times it feels like the thing has its hooks in you.

Is it true that you used to “cure” your decks by driving around with them in your trunk for weeks before skating them?
That is true. I still do that.

Many folks from your generation have commented that skateboarding has “changed” a lot over the past ten years. Has it changed for you at all?
What’s changed is my perspective. The way I look at skateboarding. You go through all kinds of changes as you grow. You experience so many different aspects of skateboarding, and you watch the phases and the trends come and go, and naturally it looks different after awhile. Regardless, the roots are still the same. I still love riding my skateboard. I’m happy where I am. My love for riding my board hasn’t changed. Skateboarding becomes refined and more personal the longer you skateboard. The motion becomes the thing. When the curtain is lifted and you see the sideshow for what it really is, you just skate. Nothing else matters.

In the past you’ve lost blood, skin, sleep and perhaps a little sanity when filming. Is that a normal cycle for you, or does it depend on the project?
Giving your heart to what you do isn’t a cycle. It’s a certain way of living.

The desire for self-expression seems to come out of you in various ways (skating, painting, ad and graphic layout). Have you ever thought of writing a book?
Yeah, I’ve thought about it. But I’m not sure I have anything to say that’s useful, I guess, to someone potentially reading it. Those books have already been written. But just for fun, here’s a list of possible books I could write:
My Life, Who Cares
Whiskey And Wimmen
…And Your Hot-Dog Sponsor Shirt You Whore
Perpetuating Delusion: The Use Of Repetition To Manipulate Culture
Yeah, I Get It. You’re Retarded
Oh Lord, Not You Again
Pumpkin: The Endless Bummer
Slap That Dirty Little Rock: Short Stories
Holding Court: The Genius Of Brandon Biebel
Grumpy: The Quiet Love
Benders and Enders: Road Dirt
Talk To Me, I Can Help (and other jokes)
No Shit: A Rough Compendium of The Hierarchical Dynamics Of The Universe

Ever thought about sculpture?

Does the feeling of a good kickflip ever get old?
I don’t know what a good kickflip feels like. That’s a question for Carroll.

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