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Lanky 'Little' Nick has called London his home all his life. A fixture in the skate seen since he was allowed outside of the house, he has put his stamp on spots all over The City. The lads at Blueprint quickly realized his abilities and comparable attitude and put him on their team in 1999. Since then, and with the help of Lakai, he has been able to skate all over the world and put his stamp on many more global spots. Instantly recognizable, his style is all his own, with traits of an urban rolling wizard. Like others of similar ilk, he explores his city and knows that no matter how much he searches, there is always another spot to be found. During the soggy London winters and when he's not traveling, Mr. Jensen is a painter of no small means. A graduate of the Chelsea School of Art and Design, his works are splendidly detailed with realism but with a surrealistic bend that keeps your eyes busy- not too dissimilar to the effect of skating down a busy street at speed. Since the end of Fully Flared he's been busy touring and filming for Blueprint's recent release, Make Friends with the Color Blue. We can only hope he's taking some time to heal up and take advantage of what the Summer has to offer.



Light-footed fancywork has been a trademark of your skateboarding. What’s the secret of being able to do tricks so quickly back to back?
Thanks for saying that. I have never heard it said like that. I don’t have a secret for doing tricks quickly back to back, I just like the feeling of trying to do things close together. I suppose you have less time to think about the second trick so it’s not as easy to fuck up?

Art, specifically painting, is something you make time for in your schedule. How did you get into it and are you working on anything for upcoming shows or projects?
I love painting. I got into it by going to school and preferring art to every other subject. Then I realized how much I wanted to paint when I went to exhibitions and saw other paintings. I have recently started on creating a temporary art gallery at my studio flat. I intend to put on exhibitions of other artists as well as my own stuff occasionally.

Knight of 7 plies or Renaissance man?
I reckon Renaissance man.

After Fully Flared and Make Friends with the Colour Blue did you take some time off-board to relax and heal or just keep pushing through?
I skated more after MFWTCB. I ended up doing that Lakai commercial, I think I wanted to make something more relaxed and because of that feeling it ended up coming out really well. I was really inspired by Vincent Alverez’s one and wanted to make my own.

Is there a place you haven’t been that you know would be good for a Lakai trip?
Boston and Philadelphia. I think that would be rad to skate some classic East coast cities with the Lakai team.

Leaving a spot you may never get a chance to skate again, do you get bummed if you didn’t land a specific trick?
Yeah it has bummed me out in the past, I would just go back though, unless I died.

In your younger years, you were referred to as “little Nick.” Did you get hassled pretty hard by the older skaters or was it all in good fun?
I was only occasionally referred to as little Nick. It was fine, better than little dick or something. Ha Ha.

Mandatory beverage after a good session? If so, what’s your drink of choice?
Used to be coke, now water because I don’t want to make my teeth bad.

In London, there’s a great variety of spots. Do you have a normal route or do you always let the day take you where it may?
I generally think of spots in my house that I want to skate before I leave to go and skate. I will go to an area where I know there are more spots to move on to afterwards. But have been having fun starting off at Mile End skatepark recently.

The attention to detail is an obvious theme in your paintings. How tedious can they be and are you able to cover up mistakes easily?
If there is a mistake on the object represented within the painting then it is easy to cover it up. But if you fuck up the background fade around the painting then you need to wait for it to dry and re-paint it. I have spent weeks fixing backgrounds before, and once I spent over a month. I have decided to try and make some bigger paintings soon, so that will be interesting. It has been over 3 years since I made a painting bigger than A3 in size.

Endless rain haunts London during the winter. Aside from painting what else occupies those indoor days?
TABLETENNIS! Beautiful girlfriend and hanging out with my friends.

Does getting a box of shoes still stoke you out as much as the day you received your first Lakai box?
Yes! I am like a kid at Christmas. I love it.

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