Sebo Walker

Sebo Walker


If the extremes of the 90's taught us anything it is that style counts. Young Mr. Walker's almost sleepy technique has the ability to make even the most awkward trick look effortless and smooth. Able to skate everything and anything with a totally unique approach and relationship with his board, there seem to be few limits to what he can do. Coming from the Pacific Northwest, a place notorious for its nonconformist population, it is a small wonder that Sebo is the way he is- going a different route than the rest, on board and in how he's sought sponsorship. How many other top AM's do you see living in their car next to the local skate plaza? His "van down by the river" style may suggest sloppiness or a lax attitude but the opposite is true. Adhering to an impressive schedule of skating and visits to the gym without the usual late night frivolities of LA party life is his way not his position. The simplicity in which he lives his life belies the technical ability that comes so easy to him. Being on board seems to be his most comfortable plane of existence.



Last piece of good advice that stuck with you?
Stay positive and patient

Are there any unasked questions about what it’s like to live in a van?
Mostly everything has been covered. But most people don’t realize I only go to the van to sleep. Other than that, I’m constantly out and about. Skating all day, going to the gym, reading, drawing, and spending time with friends. It’s a simple was of life, but I’m able to remain super productive, and I love it..

Keeping fit and minding what you put into your body is part of your daily thought process. Was there something specific that helped you decide to be mindful?
I just love skateboarding so much- I want to be able to do it as long as possible. My parents instilled proper eating habits for my brothers and I growing up. I have just kept it going because it makes me feel good, and on point when I’m on my board. Also working out, and stretching is an essential part of my day.

As indoor parks go, which do you like more; the Girl park or the spot where you filmed We are Your Friends, pt. 2?
My favorite place to skate indoors in LA is for sure the Girl park.

Is the quantity of tricks you know more important than doing them well?
Not at all in my opinion. I would rather watch Marc Johnson do a simple ledge trick than see 20 tricks go down on El Toro. Style matters, and that’s what gets me hyped on a daily basis.

Light-footed technical tricks seem to come easy for you, has it always been like that or was it something you worked on?
It took a lot of time and slams to get to a point where it felt a little easier. An early inspiration was Mike Carroll in Modus Operandi. I wanted to skate like that- technical tricks with really good style. I skated 8 hours a day and constantly learned new tricks. Still to this day though, it’s not always easy.

Improving yourself in one form or another seems to be important, is there any part of your skating you want to improve?
I really enjoy skating tranny, but definitely have a lot to learn. I hope to learn to blast airs like Cardiel one day.

Make a pair of shoes last or toss them when they start to turn into slippers?
Make shoes last for sure, or give them to someone that will make good use out of what’s left.

Is there a reason why the majority of the footage we see of you is at skate plazas? Are you saving the street footage for something?
I skate street equally as much, but I do like to warm up at plazas. I figure any coverage is good coverage. It’s easy to film at plazas. They are perfect and you don’t get kicked out, ever. I mainly skate plazas in the morning. I like skating all over downtown LA and in the city streets. Something about it gives me rush of energy and I can usually go for hours. Riding in between cars, wallies, slappy’s and curb cuts never get old. Right now, I’m working on a Lakai web edit for the Pico XLK shoe. It comes out this month.

The life of a sponsored AM isn’t as sweet as some might think, how do you deal with it when life hands you a glass of sour lemonade?
My perspective is that it could always be worse. Life’s curve balls are unpredictable. I stay positive and patient and do all that I can to turn the sour to sweet. It’s definitely not as sweet as some may think, being a sponsored AM. But as long as I am skating, I’m happy.

As a kid, ever think that you’d be on the same team as Guy? 
To be honest, no. Guy has been one of my favorites since I started skating- always on such another level of progression and innovative tricks. He is a huge inspiration to me. As a kid, it didn’t seem feasible to be on the same team as Guy, but it was a dream of mine, and it came true. To be on Lakai with not only Guy, but so many other of my all time favorite skateboarders, is truly a blessing.

Do filming and photo deadlines help push you or just add stress?
I love to have projects to work on. I strive under pressure.


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